Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | January 9, 2012

Back to Sundays, Healthy Comfort Food & Routines

Ahhhh, Sundays.

Despite being the last day of the weekend, meaning the workweek is just hours away, Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week.

This Sunday is especially nice since I feel like I’ve gotten back into a routine after a hectic few weeks of long work hours, traveling, visiting, more traveling and then the dreaded “catch up” when I returned to the office after 10 days of being on holiday.

Indeed I’ve been so busy, I haven’t blogged in weeks!

Today is my favorite day of the week though, plus the start of a new week, and I’m finally feeling organized. Really, it feels more like January 1st than January 8th.

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions really, because I don’t typically wait for a new year to make changes in my life. To be honest, I had formed some awesome routines before the holiday-rush set in and I’m just thrilled to be back to focusing on those.

My routine consists of goals that I set throughout last year and am trying to carry forward. Some I have tweaked, some have just been home-runs, others I’m still trying to perfect.

Some examples:

  • Eat Clean – Lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins (mostly veggie-based and seafood), whole grains, limited sugar and processed foods.
  • Workout 5-6 Days Per Week – I can usually get 5 of my workouts in, but I also try to include biking and yoga as well.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep – I try to fight my night-owl instincts and get to bed by 10pm most nights so I can get at least 7 full hours of sleep.
  • Rise Early – Getting up between 5:30 and 6:00am to do my workout and get ready for work during the week, and not sleeping in too late on weekends.
  • Keep Work-Life Balance – Ignore my workaholic tendencies and not work long or lots of extra hours. It takes a toll and increases my stress levels when I’m not getting enough down time.

All in all, I’m just trying to maintain these goals and introduce new ones throughout the year.

On that note, I did my first meal plan of the year for this week and stocked up on yummy foods, so I made a delicious and mostly healthy lunch/dinner today…

Grilled Cheese & Spinach Sandwich with Seasoned Waffle Fries

and Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper Soup

Though the fries weren’t terribly healthy, they were so flavorful, I didn’t need a dipping sauce (bonus!).

The grilled cheese was made with a skim American cheese with LOTS of baby spinach on a 15-grain bread cooked in about a half TBSP of butter with garlic powder (seasoning your butter adds loads of flavor to your grilled cheese without adding tons of calories).

And the soup… oh the soup…

This is one of my Trader Joe’s favorites that I actually had my Dad ship down from Massachusetts (until the Naples, FL one opens). I tossed a handful of broccoli/carrot slaw on top for crunch (and some added veggies) and it was amazing. I don’t know why, but this soup tastes like pizza to me – probably why it’s a favorite.

This is Sunday comfort food at it’s best for me. Delicious and so flavorful you think you’re being incredible naughty, but there are all sorts of healthy goodness in here!

Plus the portions are just the right size. (Note how I use smaller bowls and plates for my food-good trick to keeping portions more on the modest side)

I’ll be highlighting some of the other simple meals I make in the future. So simple, a recipe isn’t even necessary!

Meanwhile, another bonus to Sundays… some long overdue kitty bonding time.

We’re both glad to be back to the routine.

Are you getting back into a routine after the holidays? What changes have you made after the New Year?

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