Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 4, 2012

Get on the Boat!

Next in the “What You Missed Week[/s]” is a Fort Myers Boat Ride…

There are marinas all over Southwest Florida and you can get a pretty good deal on a boat rental for an afternoon.

SIDE NOTE: Just don’t go looking for a boat during the Canoe Races (big event in Naples) when no marina will rent anyone a boat due to the high volume of drunken captains floating around the bay and canals.

For any other time, you can grab the highly coveted pontoon boat, which seats about… 12 in some cases, and travels along the waterways easily.

Some friends of Nick’s brother, who was visiting Naples with his wife a few weeks ago, invited us all out for a day of fun in the sun. Who were we to say no to that?

We piled onto the boat rental…

No, we didn’t actually get the one with the slide, but I had to include it because that’s just brilliant (and apparently not good in windy conditions according to our boat captain).

After forgetting one of our group on the dock, we wound our way through the waterways (which seem like a maze for those of us not accustomed to navigating those waters – HINT: grab a map if you’re not a local) and headed towards Fort Myers.

Happily, our first stop was actually lunch, which included some of these…

Everyone was excited to get back on the boat though after we filled our bellies, even this little guy…

It was crazy to see some of the other boats we parked next too. Probably not rentals.

Then we headed to a sandy beach where we ran aground and enjoyed some cool water temperatures.

Most of our party was not thrilled with the cool water, so they just hung out by the boat in a few inches of water. Me? I plopped right down in it, made sand castles (yes, really) and took pictures.

(Not all of which turned out good.)

When we got back, we learned that the real price for a day on the boat isn’t so much the rental… it’s the gas, which is crazy expensive right now.

Ah yes, one more reason I’ll probably not be running out to buy a boat.

It’s a fantastic way to see the area though. We also saw dolphins, a turtle and a variety of birds.

Definitely a fun adventure!

Do you enjoy boating? Where and when was the last place you went boating?

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