Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 5, 2012

Everyone Loves a Seafood Festival!

How can I honestly be a born and raised New England-er and never have been to a seafood festival? HOW??

Alas, it is sad, but true.

Well, at least I’ve rectified that now by attending the Tampa Bay Seafood Festival a couple weekends ago!

(See how I’m finally getting caught up on my “Things You Missed Week[/s]“? I’m down to just two weeks ago!)

I’m highly supportive of almost any festival that involves food, but as a pescetarian a full seafood festival sounded like bliss. Thankfully I was already scheduled to be up in Tampa for the weekend, so fitting this in was piece of… crab cake (ha! I love puns).

Luckily the lovely folks at one of my favorite New England-inspired restaurants, Monstah Lobstah emailed me deal for 2-for-1 “Lobstah” Rolls. So instead of brunch, I took the man for some REAL food.

Owner Allen Berube was even there and whipped us these beauties, complete with crinkle fries…

So delicious.

We considered it defensive eating since we knew the food at the Seafood Festival would be quite a bit more pricey. I’m glad we did too, because I could enjoy the sights and smells without feeling like I needed to gnaw someone’s arm off in line.

The festival was in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, part of the Tampa Riverwalk area, right across from my old stomping grounds – University of Tampa (yes, I am a UT Spartan) on the Hillsborough River.

It was quite a lovely view with UT on one side of the park…

And downtown on the other…

Plus, it made me realize how many places I still really need to explore in this area like the Tampa Museum of Art, Glazer Children’s Museum and Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts.

After we played around a bit…

We went and exchanged our dollars for “clams” so we could sample the goodies.

The Summer Olympics had a really big presence here as well, with stalls to try various Olympic skills.

We wondered around for a while taking in everything, got a couple drinks and then decided to spend our money on cupcakes. Yup, we went to a seafood festival and bought cupcakes.

The food really was expensive though, so we were glad to be full from our “breakfast”.

I dared Nick to run through the fountains in front of the park as we were leaving, but he didn’t go for it.

I might need to go back there some night and run through them myself. They look fun!

For now I’m already plotting my next “lobstah” roll visit though. Those things are still on my mind!

Have you been to a seafood festival before?

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