Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 11, 2012

BIG News… x2

This past weekend I was busy running around Tampa, not just for fun (which is my usual mission), but trying to find a place to live.

Yes folks, I am moving again. (Big announcement #1)

But, this time it’s not just a little move, but rather I am moving from Naples to Tampa, FL.

The catalyst behind my move is my other big announcement – I got a new job! (Big announcement #2)

After two and a half years or working for a wonderful non-profit in Naples, which will always hold a special place in my heart, I am returning to the agency world. And I must say, I’m super excited. ( I’ve done several spontaneous happy dances over the last couple of weeks.)

Being a planner, and a bit OCD,  I didn’t waste a minute in putting together a complete timeline with all the things I needed to accomplish for my Big Move. Luckily I have the whole moving thing down to a science (and I will be following my tried and true plan to the letter!), so I simply worked backwards to adjust some of the deadlines.

With less than two weeks to go before the Big Move, I’ve checked off some important things on my list:

  1. Give notice at current apartment
  2. Find a new place to live (as of today I was able to check this one off!)
  3. Secure a moving team (Nick and his friend Chris will be my movers – I will pay them in pizza)

Work is pretty nuts this week and next, with two HUGE events this week and the need to create all the transition materials before I leave, but I’m focusing on just trying to enjoy every minute.

To be honest, looking at everything that I have to do in the next week and a half all together is slightly overwhelming.

My solution is taking it one day at a time. I’ve created daily activities goals to accomplish, so I don’t have to think about everything, just what needs to be done each day. Plus, I’ve broken my remaining two weeks into two categories (told you I was a bit OCD):

  1. This Week: “Plan It” – Both at home and at work, this is the week to plan and organize, tell the appropriate parties and coordinate for next week.
  2. Next Week: “Pack & Wrap Up” – I will be wrapping things up at work and packing things up at home in preparation for the Big Move.

This move is much more involved than my previous couple since I’m timing it with a new job, but I’m more than willing to work extra hard to make it all happen and make it an easy transition for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, the thought of a new home (quite a lovely new home too) made me look back at what I had wanted at the start of my last move. I didn’t quite reach my goals of adding a whole lot to my current apartment in the way of furniture or decor, so I’m really looking forward to doing that for my new place. I’ve been so hesitant to purchase anything for so long, it’s been hard to change my mindset!

Any suggestions on how to reprogram my mind?

In other thoughts, I wonder how my cat will react to another move…

This was how she looked at me when I screamed, “We’re moving Fuzzy Monkey! You’re going to have another new home!”

Given, she may just have been confused by the “Fuzzy Monkey” endearment when she’s used to “Fuzzy Butt” and “Squeaks McGee.”

Oh kitty, you’re in for a treat…

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