Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 4, 2012

A Mouthwatering Food Combo in Tampa SoHo


Tell me if you were the same as a kid…

I hated foods touching. I didn’t like the combination of flavors on the same plate, never mind the same fork or spoon. If the sauce from my mashed potatoes made it over to my peas, forget it, I was never going to eat them.

Foods collaboration was the enemy.

Move forward 20 years and I see just how much I’ve changed.

Now, I love it when foods mingle and mix. I actually encourage the flavors and textures to join hands and frolic together around my plate. Sometimes I even force them into a marriage of deliciousness.

So knowing that it’s sometimes the most unexpected things that work perfectly together, I decided to get a little adventurous this past weekend at Daily Eats in Tampa Soho (also known as my new neighborhood).

I had only been once before, so when my Dad and I decided to grab lunch there, I figured I could try pretty much anything since it was all so new to me.

I went for one of their “Shredder Bowls,” which are bowls of a variety of items ranging from cheeseburgers to nachos atop shredded lettuce and rice. Can you begin to imagine the possibilities here?

I chose the Fish and Chips Bowl with the fried mahi, french fries and coleslaw all atop the lettuce and rice salad bowl.

It was incredible.

And why shouldn’t it be? All those yummy flavors are so good on their own, why wouldn’t they be perfection combined together as a makeshift salad?


All I can say is – Try This.

Whether you make it down to Tampa, find something similar in your town, or make it yourself, this is a combination worth experiencing!

I’m already plotting an excuse to go back again soon for another…


  1. Looks SO yummy!! Love me some Mahi Mahi!

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