Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 11, 2012

It’s all good at Hyde Park’s Fresh Market


On the first Sunday of each month in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, FL, something amazing happens.

It’s a combination of jazz concert, food festival, farmer’s market and art fair.

It is the Hyde Park Fresh Market. And it is wonderful.

I have to give props to Nick who actually picked up on this and threw out the idea of biking the mile or so to Hyde Park Village this past Sunday morning to see what the market was all about. I think we were both expecting more of a farmer’s market type thing.


Seeing the variety though, was shocking. It was just so much more that I think either of us expected.

The live jazz music set a nice atmosphere for all the market-goers who wanted to mingle and meander. There were also some awesome deals for those looking to do some hardcore shopping. And the samples were EVERYWHERE. Everything from coffee and beef jerky to honey soaked almonds and fresh pineapple.


I saw a lot of really unique things. Many I probably wouldn’t buy normally (organic handmade soap, exotic dipping sauce mixes, unique crafts and art, etc) unless I was gift shopping or knew I was having guests in town.


I hadn’t planned on finding much beyond some fresh fruit and veggies, but I ended up getting all my groceries for the week within 20 minutes of shopping here. The fresh bread, US made buffalo mozzarella, just picked basil bunches, fish, and of course, the fruits vegetables ended up costing me probably about 30-40% less than my usual Fresh Market grocery store run would.

After we packed everything into our backpacks and rode the 10 minutes back to my apartment, I honestly just marveled at all the fresh goodies I got.

I’m not going to lie, I did also eat the fresh homemade blueberry scone that I had bought with the intention of having Monday morning. It was just so beautiful and tasty looking, I couldn’t help myself!

Unfortunately, I’m missing the next market on June 3rd (I’ll be somewhere in the air, flying between Boston and Tampa) so I won’t get to the another one of these until July. I guess I’ll have to try out one of the other Farmer’s Markets in the area. Though I don’t think I can bike to any of those…

Perhaps the one on Saturday’s in Ybor City – I hear they have free yoga down there each Saturday too – though I’ll be driving to that one.

Do you have a favorite market/farmer’s marketing in your town? How often do you get to one?


  1. So neat! My hometown’s idea of a farmer’s market is a sad gathering of a few people every once in a while in the summer randomly in front of our town hall that no one goes to….this looks WAY better! What a fun way to spend a day! 🙂

    • There are actually a number of Farmer’s Markets in the area, but I’ve found this to be the best. Plus Hyde Park is ADORABLE and plays to host to a bunch of other fun events like concert series and food tasting events. I’m biased I know. 🙂

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  3. […] week has been pretty varied. Sunday included a bike ride to the local monthly Fresh Market in Hyde Park, which was the first time I had been on my bike in almost two months, and I realized just how much […]

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