Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 7, 2012

Making Fast Food Healthier Food – It’s All About Balance

Some days, I honestly feel lucky to have made time to eat at all. Others, I regret eating the things I did eat because I overindulged.

It’s all about finding the balance, right?

We all have our bad moments, but the key is to have many more good moments. Make the slip-ups just that, rather than make them regular behaviors.

I know I have times when I get lazy and look for that quick fix and today was one of those days. In the midst of handling a crisis at work, my boss told the team, as we sat glued to our phones and computers, that she was treating for lunch. Amazing!

We all put our orders in for the local sub shop and I jumped on board with a grilled veggie sub with cheese. Better than a steak and cheese slathered with mayo, I reasoned.

When I received a foot long sub with a bag of chips and a pickle I laid it out nicely and stopped to enjoy the delicious aroma of the just toasted bread filled with oozing provolone cheese and cooked onions and peppers.


Then I stopped and realized I had a choice. This was a moment where I could keep the balance or blow it with a bad decision that I’d likely regret later. Knowing that I needed to fuel my body for the long day and late night I’d probably be working, I chose.

I chose to find the balance. I went into the kitchenette and dug out my lonely container of baby spinach and my frozen Morning Star sausage patties package from the freezer. After I had the pretend sausage cooked I went back, cut the sandwich at a 60-40 ratio and stuffed the baby spinach and “sausage patties” in with the veggies in smaller piece of the sub.

I pawned the bag of chips off on the first visitor to my office, but saved the pickle as my treat.


It wasn’t healthy eating perfection, but the end product was a smaller sandwich that I enjoyed much more (those darn fake sausages are delicious) and that kept me fueled throughout the afternoon. The pickle was just yummy and satisfied my sodium intake for the week.

The final point is that it’s hard to eat healthy all the time, but it’s easier than you think to find balance.

Just be prepared for the moments when you’re most apt to slip-up and have a bag of fresh veggies and leafy greens handy. Ha, ha!

Lean protein and a Supreme Greens infused drink will give me the necessary nutrients I need for the remainder of my night.

Now back to work!

What do you do to find balance? Do you have any tricks to make sure you maintain healthier habits in moments of weakness?


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