Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 11, 2012

Sunday Sweet Treats

Want a sweet treat?

There are moments when fruit or a handful of almonds aren’t enough to curb the craving.

This is why I keep a stash in my freezer just for these moments.

It’s not an icebox cake (though I love those darn things), but something that takes a couple steps to pull together.

I know that if I have to take the time to make something, I’m less likely to go through with it unless I’m 100% committed to my craving. Then it’s a choice of whether I hope in my car and go buy something for a one-off treat or make something from scratch.

Luckily I have pastry sheets. Just enough work to give me time to think of how bad I want a sugar fix, but not too long that it sends me to a store.

Bake a 1/6 of the sheet in the oven for 14 minutes at 425 degrees F.

Then just add jam, peanut butter, or chocolate chips (some old ones I had saved for a bit too long in this case) in between the hot flaky layers and let cool.

It’s a worth waiting 20 minutes for.

Do you have a go to treat that you turn to when you’re hankering for something more than the yogurt?


  1. These look delicious! Going to have to try this sometime! 🙂

  2. Looks great! I like to make my own trail mix bags. Assorted chocolate chips, almonds, cashews, dried pineapple, and sunflower seeds.

    • LOVE trail mix! It’s a favorite snack of mine and always gives me a good energy kick.

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