Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 12, 2012

2 Week Fitness Journal Challenge

When I was a kid, I tried journaling. I tried it numerous times in fact since my childhood. I think I have about a dozen journals with 15-30 pages of entries in each from various times in my life.

Well it’s funny that it never caught on, because keeping a journal is the first thing I tell anyone and everyone I know who say they are looking to clean up their diets, get healthier, feel better or embark on some kind of new lifestyle habit.

Write it down.

Why? The first rule of changing a behavior, such as diet or exercise, is to know what, when and how you do that behavior now. Get to know your vice before you go about changing it.

You’d be surprised at just how much food you consume, the amount of calories you’re actually eating each day, or just how much exercise you’re getting in (or not) when you write it all out.

For getting healthy/ier, this exercise opens your eyes to all sorts of patterns. Are you a morning snacker? Do you typically workout longer at night vs. the evening? Do you consume a large number of calories through the things you drink vs. eat?

By writing down everything you consume and the activities you do, it also gives you something you may not have had before – accountability.

Most of us don’t have a personal trainer to give us the stink eye when we say that we ate a two-tier brownie sundae at our friend’s birthday party this past weekend. We’re accountable only to ourselves and sometimes it’s easier to see the error of our ways or the good things we’re doing in writing.

Especially when it’s in pen, it’s always more serious when it’s in pen.

You don’t have to journal forever, though I started over a year ago and haven’t stopped journaling at least my workouts since. My eating habits though, I did stop chronicling and I feel I’m in need of a refresher.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to journal what I eat to see where I can clean things up.

While, I don’t think anyone cares too much about what I eat everyday, I will also journal my workouts here on my blog in an effort to track my exercise and activities better and to be more accountable. Since I’m trying to blog everyday, why not incorporate it a bit? Maybe I can give some people ideas or better yet, perhaps YOU can share what you did.

Personally, hearing what others are doing inspires me.

Feel free to journal right along with me! Maybe it will shed some new light on your lifestyle and inspire some positive changes.

Today’s Workout:

Mondays have proven to be a bit of a challenge for my morning workouts.

Not sure why exactly I can’t get my behind in gear, but instead of giving up hope, I’ve embraced the fact that at least one day a week, the evening workout just plain works better for me.

Since “summer” has officially settled in here in Florida and it’s hotter than Hades outside after 8am, my chances to workout until dark are slim, so I turned to my favorite HIIT workouts for a kick-butt 22-minute workout.

Monday Kick-Butt Workout

(12 mins of 12 rounds of 10-50 second intervals)

Repeat the following 4 times:

  • Sandbag Clean, Press & Squat – 8, 9, 8.5
  • Reptile Push Up – 11, 9, 9
  • Switch Lunge with Ball – 11, 11, 11
  • Crab Toe Touch (alt sides) – 14, 15, 16

In addition to this, I did 10 minutes of interval skipping with the jump rope (15 rounds of 10-30 second intervals), which goes a lot faster than you’d think, but has you dripping with sweat by the end.

If you’re interested in doing this workout and need some help with figuring out the exercises, you can search for exercise breakdowns.

I wasn’t looking too pretty by the end of this and I still need to get a tripod before I can do any kind of instructional photos myself.

Do you journal in any way now? Have you before?


  1. I do! I love using more so for chronicling everything that I consume to ensure that I’m being consistent with the amount of calories I’m taking in on a daily basis. I’ve found consistency and chronicling to be key!

    • That is so smart! It’s eye opening to learn calories in your food with those types of tools. Thanks for sharing girl.

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