Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 13, 2012

A Week of Bridesmaid’s Photos

More than a week ago, I wrote about my Bridesmaid duties and promised more details and photos. Well I finally got to posting them!

I could say a lot about the experience, but I think the pictures really do mostly speak for themselves (and don’t worry, there is nothing scandalous on here).

I flew up to Boston the weekend before the wedding for the shower and bachelorette, spending two nights in Boston with my friend and the Maid of Honor.

The two and a half hour car ride went pretty smoothly (minus me feeling car sick for most of it in the backseat before I got upgraded to shotgun) with the bride-to-be enjoying a wholesome breakfast of M&Ms and finishing off her hair and nails (she’s skilled at passenger-seat-beauty – something I have never mastered).

Her aunt impressed us all by having a picture perfect shower set up poolside…

Complete with funky purple centerpiece…

The guests arrived and there was mimosas poured and hugs between family and friends.

We most definitely got to eat some tasty bites.

We had the chance to write down our words of wisdom (or just whatever was on the top of our heads) for the bride and groom.

And then the present opening started. I could include about 40 pictures of presents, but alas, I figured one was good.

After the shower cam the long drive back to Boston to get ready for the bachelorette. Since I had gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before, I slept most of the ride back.

But I was ready for the evening of activities which kicked off on my friend’s Boston roof deck.

Is there anything better than a Boston roof deck view?

I of course jumped right in on the chance to cut the ridiculously sinful brownies (which were so thick I had to use some serious muscle), but it was worth it.


Things really got started when the “Miss BUStonian” pulled up, which pretty much set the tone for the night – dancing and fun. We rode around in that baby all night.


Surprisingly the few people that stayed the night were up and gone by 8am. I had one day to spend with my family in MA, so I jumped on the chance for an early morning pickup and breakfast at my fave brunch spot in Somerville, Soundbites. It was great to see my mom and stepdad again, not to mention visit my old neighborhood in Somerville.


We of course made a pit stop at the legendary Lyndell’s on the corner of my old street, Willow Ave, and picked up some decadent desserts.



I had to try on my bridesmaid dress to make sure my mom didn’t have to hem it and Lady Luck was shining on us, because with my super tall shoes, I didn’t need to change the length at all! I then had a bit of time to hang out and just relax.

I’m glad I got that one day, because the next morning (Memorial Day) I was back on the plane heading home to Tampa.

Two days of work and I was flying back to Boston for the wedding weekend (rehearsal, dinner and wedding).

Again, I had about a day with my mom and to visit with my friend and her beautiful daughter (my niece Lily) and it was worth the trip just for that, I swear. It was some great fun time.

Then I was back on bridesmaid duty Friday evening, but this time I had a buddy. Nick flew in Thursday night and came with me to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so that I had a partner in crime. He headed back to my parent’s house after the dinner, while the maid of honor and I followed the bride-to-be around the rest of the night, which turned into a late night of visiting with her family.

The next morning was hair and makeup amidst pouring rain.

The Bride was NOT happy.

She was a trooper though and went through all the primping and prepping like a champ.


The wedding was lovely and I was so proud to be there.

But getting into the limo to head for the reception was awesome. It was great seeing everyone relax and just get ready for some fun.


My designated groomsman buddy, Andy, and I worked out a little dance (complete with a Monkeys reminiscent walk and some twirling) for our entrance into the hall at the Bride’s request (“It’s my day, entertain me!”) which went a little wobbly, but still got a couple laughs.

Then I was off-duty. Nick and I got our dance on, wished our best to the newlyweds and headed back to my parent’s house to figure out whether we needed to cut me out of my corset bridesmaid dress so that I could breath and regain full body circulation again (ha ha, no really).

It was crazy how much went into the one week, but it was a fun experience and like I said before, it was a real honor to be there for my friend.

It took me the last week just to recover from the whirlwind week described above, but now I get to just kick back and look through all the great pictures and memories.

And my ribs have almost heeled completely from that darn corset (*almost).


  1. Those centerpieces are SUCH a great idea! Were they the same (ish) items in different colors at each table or were there different things in each? Very cute idea!

    • It was a special centerpiece for the bride’s table since she loves cooking and the color purple. The other tables had margarita glasses with purple floating candles (also very pretty). The ladies who put the shower together were very creative!

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