Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 18, 2012

The good and the bad: Tacos and Rain

Last night was a great evening of a relatively new tradition that Nick and I are happily settling into: Taco Tuesday.

I’ve never been a big fan of tacos, always seeing only the chicken and beef types you’d typically find at your average Mexican restaurant, so it’s taken me a while to get on board the taco train. Luckily fish has made a regular appearance on taco menus recently and I’ve crossed over to the soft-taco-loving-side, opting for veggie and fish packed tortillas.

After hearing about the $2 Taco Tuesday event that happens at The Lime in South Tampa, I made plans to give it a go the night before July 4th.

The verdict?

Awesomeness. Delicious $2 tacos that were small enough to enjoy a few at a sitting and flavorful enough to leave you satisfied. Washed down with a $2 Corona and it was lovely! It’s a perfect night out on a budget.


Oh yeah, and they had this baby, which one of our group braved, but which I had to help them finish…


(Oh yeah, that is a full sized Corona upside down in a frozen margarita.)

This week, I enjoyed a couple Mahi Mahi Crunch tacos and one Tuna Crunchy taco. There is something magical about the combination of avocado cream sauce and pickled red onions that works so well in these babies. Yum!

Nick opted for a selection of chicken, beef and fish for his. (Unfortunately he accidentally deleted the pics of my tacos when he took photos of his, so I didn’t get any pics to post of my tasty dinner.)


Plus, being able to walk there, since The Lime is right in my neighborhood, was a nice treat. It’s a good thing I enjoyed it though, because my morning today was quite different…

This morning I got out of bed, and since it is an off-morning for my workouts (I’ll workout after work instead) I enjoyed a relaxed pace in getting ready. I had peaked out the window as the sun was coming up and it was overcast, but the sky didn’t loo

k as though it was brooding with any immediate plans to do anything.

Man, I stink at reading “cloud moods,” because 20 minutes before my departure time, I heard what sounded like a Riverdance routine being performed on the roof (I’m on the second floor of my two-story apartment building so I hear everything going on above quite clear). I looked out the window and it was POURING. Not just regular rain, but sideways slanted rain.

Ah, yes, the mini Florida monsoon-like storms that frequent the area in summer months.

I waited as long as I could for it to stop, but eventually had to brave the elements. Umbrella in hand I waded across my parking lot to my car and embarked on my commute, finding quickly that South Tampa was underwater.


I thought I would have to swim into Starbucks for my morning latte, but luckily the coffee shop location was elevated just enough above street level that it was pretty easy to get to. Getting out, was a little bit more challenging…


It was strange to think that I had been walking around the streets just 12 hours before.

Overall it was a grey, wet start to the morning, but I guess I’m thankful that we’re getting rain unlike other parts of the country. If only we could share a bit more equally.

I’m really glad that I hadn’t been planning on running this morning though!

How did your day get started?

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