Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 19, 2012

Wildlife in South Tampa

Recently I’ve learned that my neighborhood is packed with a variety of wildlife.

I’m not just talking about rowdy, drunken college kids either. I’m talking animal kingdom.

Though I haven’t seen any bear sightings, I have spotted a possum, foot long salamanders and a peahen in the last couple weeks.


I didn’t even know that the female version of the peacock is called peahen, but it makes sense. Either way, I have one that has taken my apartment parking lot up as her new hangout.

Nick suspects she belongs to someone nearby, because she’s very comfortable around people. She let me get right up next to her to take pictures as she chilled on someone’s Prius.


It’s interesting to see anything beyond lizards and squirrels in an area adjacent to a major metro area, but it’s pretty cool!

Now I just worry that the other wildlife, drunken college kids especially, are going to hurt the animals. Fingers crossed they all keep to themselves.

Do you see a lot of wildlife in your neighborhood? What’s the most surprising animal you’ve seen near your home?

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