Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 10, 2012

Week 2 Exercise Challenge Check-in

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced the following:

You have been sitting at your desk, or in a car, for a while and get up for the first time in a couple hours and can suddenly feel every muscle in your legs.

No, it’s not the flu, it’s the wonderful dull ache that comes after a good couple days of workouts.

And oh it hurts so good.

I felt that ache through the first half of last week and the again this morning as a result of my workouts.

As last week was the first of my August Exercise Challenge, I did okay, but some health issues took over toward the end of the week and limited my total number of workouts last week to four. Not the strongest start, but boy oh boy did I feel a difference.

I completed three HIIT workouts and one one-hour yoga session at home. All of which left my muscles pretty tired!

Now,nearing the end of my second week (hard to believe it’s been almost two weeks), I’ve completed 4 days of workouts and am feeling pretty strong (just a tad bit sore).

This week has been pretty varied. Sunday included a bike ride to the local monthly Fresh Market in Hyde Park, which was the first time I had been on my bike in almost two months, and I realized just how much I missed biking being a part of my regular routine.

Tuesday and Thursday, I completed some wonderful morning runs. My morning workouts are always celebrated with one of these babies too…



Wednesday, despite it being the midweek hump day, I knew I had to do an evening workout so I opted for the HIIT workout.

Luckily, I found my workout from Zuzka Light’s new website, which she just launched Tuesday (yay!), in the form of one of her ZWOWs. I’ve been stock piling them from YouTube anyways, but her new site makes it even easier to search for what you want. I chose her ZWOW #12 for a fun challenge, which included some always-challenging pistols. My butt is sore even today from those bad boys.

Tonight, I have plans to do some interval skipping and then a bit of yoga as a wind-down for the week. I have to make sure, I’m not too tired for my big plans tomorrow. Here’s a hint…

An added side effect to my challenge is that I’m varying up my exercise a bit more than I had before, adding the yoga and bike riding to my usual HIIT and running workouts. The variety has kept me much more motivated, proving what I have always known about myself – I get sick of doing just one or two things no matter how much I love them.

Do you enjoy variety in your workouts or do you stick with a tried-and-true favorite?

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