Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Wishes & Gratitude


I don’t feel any different than I did two days ago, but many people have commented I should.

I’m a year older after all.

Maybe it’s because my midsummer birthday has frequently passed with out much ado or remark in the past, or maybe it’s because I worked on my birthday for the first time in years (I usually took it off as a vacation day), but everyone was asking me about whether I felt older. I guess as you creep closer to a decade change in your age, people expect you to be freaking out. Especially with the big 30 coming up.

Well, as someone who frequently has forgotten her exact age, I’m not that stressed about the number. (Besides 30 isn’t my scary number, I think 50 might be a bit more scary – though I’d be so happy to make it to that point, I might just bust out with a big party)


No stress though. No feelings of fear, just feelings of gratitude.

Gratitude for being able to celebrate 29 years of family, friends, love, laughs, tears, happiness, sadness, achievements, missteps and all the things in between. I’m especially grateful for the progress I’ve made in the last year despite the challenges, and grateful for all the people that stood by me and supported me, even from afar.

I’m most grateful for the people though, all the friends, family, people I’m still getting to know, and people who still stay in touch despite distance. All the people are what made my birthday great.

Thank you to all for the birthday wishes!

Even Google who had the thought of recognizing users’ birthdays with a google doodle just for them…

It’s the little things, right?

This weekend I have a birthday getaway planned (my birthday present from my special someone), so the party has only just begun!

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