Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 11, 2012

One 5K Inspires Another…


This past Saturday I walked (yes, I walked, there was no running for me) in the Race for the Cure hosted by Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G Komen in St. Petersburg, FL with a few coworkers in honor of the women who have fought and continue to fight breast cancer.


I think the cause is an important one for any woman, but since the disease has touched so many lives, it feels like most people have at least known someone who has fought it. I walked for a passed loved one and also for my friend’s mother, who just finished treatment this month.

It’s an inspiring experience to see so many people come out to show support, and it wasn’t just racers, but also people that just visited to cheer on racers. A whole line of cheerleaders, complete with bright pink pompoms greeted us as we approached the final yards of our walk. It was great!

Despite getting up at 5:30 a.m. to meet up with my race-buddies and carpool to St. Pete, it was a beautiful time to be awake and in the city. I got to see a different side of St. Petersburg in the twilight, that’s for sure.

From the Dali Museum (which I still need to go to)…


To the waterfront…


It was a real pleasure to be walking through the city. I even walked through some quaint neighborhoods by Vinoy Park where I saw an old VW van with a giant pink bra strapped across its front in support of race participants. Of course, I didn’t have my cell phone handy at that point so I missed snapping a picture. Boo.

Completing the 5k was important for me for another reason.

Ever since I had my experience with vertigo about a month ago, I’ve been very nervous to push myself with my workouts. It’s been hard, not knowing exactly what may set it off again.

I’ve even passed on some things because I was too afraid of what may happen. Nick signed up for a 5k a couple weeks ago that we had talked about doing for months. It includes not just a run, but also an obstacle course, so I got nervous and decided not to sign up with him.

After this race though, I realized that a 5k is not a big stretch. I’ve been running that distance one to two times a week the last few weeks. In addition, my HIIT workouts are less frequent at the moment, but are made up of such high intensity exercises, a few obstacles shouldn’t be anything I can’t handle.

Saturday’s 5k just demonstrated that I could handle another one and inspired me to sign up for my next one.

More details to come on my next race, but I can tell you it’s a themed race and there are… creatures involved. (Can you guess it?)

When was the last time you did a 5k? Did it inspire you to do more?

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