Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 12, 2012

Your new online Christmas/gift list – Pinterest!

I’ve been Christmas shopping since August in an effort to enjoy the all-too-brief and hectic holiday season a bit more. I’ve seen a trend emerge as I search for gift ideas and start my online purchases.

This year, I’ve realized that I don’t need to make a written list to distribute to people this year. Why? Because what I want and the things I want to get for others already exists. It even has pictures and, in many cases, links to where a person can get it.

It’s my Pinterest page!

You may already be using Pinterest for this purpose, but if you aren’t, give it a try.

This holiday season you will see many of your favorite retailers promoting you to create your own “Gift” or “All I want for Christmas” Pinterest boards and add their products to them. They’ll probably even be hosting contests as incentives to do so.

The beauty of Pinterest is that you can create any type of board you want (as long as it’s PG) and then people get to see not just the type of things you like, they get to see the actual items you’ve been lusting after.

So here are some Pinterest Gift Board tips for you:

  1. Create boards that represent specific themes you want like and label them as such. If you want a bunch of movies, then create a “Movies to Buy” board. If you want some specific clothes or jewelery start a “Fashions I Need” or “My Jewelry Wants.”
  2. Pin things on these boards from sites that sell those products so that people can click right through to where they can purchase. If you see a blog or article that includes an item, do some leg work and click through to the actual vendor website and try to pin from there. Otherwise you’ll need to list where it can be purchased in the comments section of the pin.
  3. Mark anything you already own. If you went and bought a movie or something on your “Movies to Buy” board and you’ve directed someone to that board for gift ideas, include a note or symbol on that pin that people you know will recognize.
  4. Share hyperlinks to specific boards with the people you know will be shopping for you. Be sure to explain any notes or symbol meanings to help prevent them from getting something you no longer need.
  5. Keep the gifts you’ll be buying for others separate. Leave a little mystery as to the types of things you’re buying for other people. Maybe consider keeping that board private for you alone.

Like usual gift-list sharing, you will need to let people know who else has seen the board you’ve shared with them, so they can contact them directly to find out who’s getting what.

Maybe I’ve put a lot of thought into this because many of those I shop for are far away from me, so I can’t always be seeing what they like and are most interested in. Maybe it’s just because I am hoping others make it this easy for me. Either way though, this may be a good strategy for many!

Are you using Pinterest as a Gift Board? How are you sharing your  gift list this year?

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