Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 14, 2012

Let the holiday celebrations begin!

True, Halloween is not technically the official start of what most people deem to be the “holiday season,” but for me it is! (If it involves decorations, themes, costumes or special outfits, seasonal food and parties with friends, it’s a holiday.)

Luckily, I work at any agency who not only celebrates Halloween, but they celebrate it ALL MONTH LONG. Being a member of the Social Committee at work allows me extra insight and participation in the festivities as well.

So this week, we hosted a “Mask-arade” contest. Since I wasn’t really competing as one of the organizers, I decided I would still show my spirit in a slightly different way.

Instead of going out and getting or creating a traditional mask, I took a slant on it and embraced one of my favorite wearable fashions/art – makeup.

I headed straight to Pinterest for inspiration and was delighted by what I found…

Thanks to a coworker who was excited to help, I chose a bedazzled makeup “mask” that was sure to surprise and [hopefully] delight.

The tricky part was making sure I could rock the mask for at least half the day without scaring any clients or contacts. Luckily, a meeting-free day gave me the opportunity to execute my design.

My supplies for the mask were pretty straight forward. The fake eyelashes, shaddows and liquid liner were key, but the biggest part of this was the jewels!

I actually got clear and blue crystals that we attached first as an outline of my “mask”…


Then we filled the outline in more so that it really gave the impression of a mask on my face…


The final product came out great!


I was thrilled with the reception this design and different take on a “mask” got at my office. My coworker that did this all definitely deserves all the credit, but it was a fun experience for me. I did win the title of Most Unexpectedly Awesome too!

Next up, pumpkin carving!

Have you started celebrating Halloween? What are your plans?

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