Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 20, 2012

Weekend Plans: Biking, Eat Fried Food, Shop Oudoor Market

Fall has definitely arrived here in Tampa.

We may not have the beautiful foliage that is currently covering New England, but the temperatures are slowly falling into more moderate 70s and 80s, the humidity feels like it has most subsided and the rains have lessened.

Another key sign is the total and utter lack of boredom.

Events, festivals, shows, races and an array of other celebrations and activities seem to happening every day. The weekends are packed low-budget things and you feel compelled to do them all since it’s so nice out.

This weekend, I’m really going to be covering a range of events, from healthy to downright artery clogging. (It’s all about balance right?)

First on the itinerary is a long overdue bike ride. I’ve been hearing about the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail for months from a variety of people across the country, and I think it’s time to check it out! It’s a rail trail (unused stretch of railroad gets paved over into a trail) and I’m hoping it’s similar to the one in MA that I love and jogged this spring.

The Pinellas Trail is just over 42 miles long and runs from Tarpon Springs to downtown St. Petersburg. I’m not sure where exactly we’ll start and end, but I’m going to prepare for a good, long ride. I may not be able to sit for the rest of the weekend.

Sitting won’t be of much concern though since I’m going to be on my feet for the second part of Saturday. Why? Because Food Truck Wars is coming to Tampa! Oh yes, they are hosting one of their events in Tampa in the Channelside District from 4-10pm.

I know that my stomach can only take two dishes from a food truck, so I’ll need to really be sure I choose carefully.

Sunday will be a good recovery day though as I hope to check out the Downtown Market in Tampa which just recently moved it’s Friday market to Sundays (smart move for all of us who have to work during the week). If it’s anywhere as good as the Fresh Market in Hyde Park, I’ll be happy.

So what will the weather be like for this weekend’s activities?

Perfection. (At least according to

What are you fall weekend plans? Do you like to get outside in the fall?

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