Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | November 5, 2012

Catching up with some October highlights – Biking, food trucks & Halloween!

Instead of attempting a series of posts on all the things I’ve yet to post from the last couple of weeks, I’m going to do one, big, update with highlights.

Biking the Pinellas Trail

A couple of weeks ago, Nick and I tackled 22 miles of the Pinellas Trail, riding from Dunedin to Tarpon Springs. If you love rail-trails, like to bike, run, walk, roller blade or skateboard, you’ll probably like this trail. The smooth, relatively flat surface makes any manual travel very enjoyable, and even though you do cross some intersections, they’re well marked and most include easy pedestrian crossing.

We chose the northern section of the route after reading about each part online, since the sections farther south had more intersections.

I didn’t have lots of time to take photos during the ride, but once we got back to Dunedin (legs shaking, butt aching and stomach rumbling) we explored the downtown a bit in a search for rest and sustenance. Here are some highlights in photos…


They were having a street market and art/craft fair that day, so the streets were jam packed with small vendor stalls and shoppers.

People brought their antique cars down to show off on one side-street (and were blasting some Beach Boys tunes to really set the mood).


Nick and I selected Sea Sea Riders across from the water (Dunedin is a coastal town) for a fuel-up stop.


Since Nick is an avid craft-brewery-fan, we had to stop at Dunedin Brewery, as the oldest brewery in Florida.


Thought the outside was not all that impressive…


The inside was super fun with walls bedecked with everything beer (signs, bottles, barrels, photos, etc) and the actual vats some of the beers get fermented in…


Nick opted for a sampler and I sniffed each to get a “flavor” of what they were like.


Food Truck Wars at Channelside in Tampa

I love food trucks, but I have one issue with their frequent and almost crazy use of bacon and meat in their dishes. After our bike ride, Nick and I went to Channelside in Tampa for the Food Truck Wars where more than 40 food trucks were set up in a vacant field/lot.


While there were some interesting and even promising looking food trucks, I was frequently disappointed with primarily meat-eater-friendly options and slim pickings on the vegetarian and pescatarian dishes.


I finally found one food truck called Uber Good (which traveled from Orlando for the event) that had several options I could get behind, including one very appealing item called the Lobster Grilled Cheese…



So worth the calories – it was bliss.


I didn’t do much at home for Halloween beyond buying a pumpkin that I didn’t end up carving, putting up some decorations, and buying some candy for trick-or-treaters that never came, but I made up for my lack of regular plans with a LOT of Halloween festivities I helped organized at work.

You probably remember my bedazzled “mask” that won me an award early in October, but my costume for Halloween was totally different.


I abandoned my usually blonde locks for a raven black bob wig and black dress to play the part of Mrs. White from the movie/game Clue.


A few people didn’t recognize me straight off the bat.

The costume was better when my entire team was together and in character though…

It was fun playing a dramatic widow for a day, but I was so happy to take the wig off at the end of the day. Alas, I think one day was long enough for me with black hair.

You can see it’s been a busy, but fun couple of weeks!

What types of activities have you been up to?


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