Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | November 14, 2012

Overcoming an Exercise Rut Sometimes Requires a Big Change


It happens to the best of us.

Despite our best intentions and grand hopes, we can find ourselves in a rut. You wiggle around in bursts of energy to attempt to break out of it, but at the end of the day find yourself in the same old rut.

After my recent experience with vertigo, what was once a energized schedule, became a fear-filled RUT. I tried some new DVDs, changed the time of day I worked out a few times, tried to get excited about designing my own workouts… but it didn’t workout.

I felt my energy crashing, which was even more inconvenient since I’ve been so busy at work and really need the energy. Fitting in workouts fell down my priority list and I was adding them into my days only when I found a two hour window of nothing, which happened like… maybe once or twice a week during my usual TV/reading time.

Have you ever faced this?

Well if you have, you probably have your own experience with busing out of said rut. For me, I knew I had to add back something I really loved and go for broke by dedicating myself to my exercise routine 110%.

Forget the busy schedule. Forget that the holidays are approaching, which will mean an even busier schedule.

You have to make time for your health. You have to invest in YOU.

So, after a year of absence from the gym (the one you pay for, not the free one in your basement or apartment complex), I made an appointment and joined my local LA Fitness.


(They haven’t switched the sign yet, but this is actually LA Fitness – Lifestyle Family Fitness was acquired by LAF like a year ago.)

I knew I loved biking because of my recent 22 mile bike ride down the Pinellas Trail (despite the fact I now have a bitter relationship with the straps on my bike pedals that caused me to fall twice), so I new that spinning would my treat to myself to get me back on track. Ever since I discovered spinning classes in 2008, I’ve loved them.

A couple weekends ago though, I took it a step further and took advantage of my free personal training appointment (if you’ve joined a big gym, you know the one I’m talking about – they don’t give you much of a choice and just sign you up for the “freebie”). Having been through several of these before, my expectations weren’t the high. Most of the time they measure your basic fitness levels and walk you around showing you how to use some of the equipment. (FAIL.)

This trainer was on her game though. She listened to me, my frustrations, my past experiences and kicked my butt with a HIIT workout that had me gasping for air after just 20 minutes. After some negotiating, I did something I wasn’t really expecting. I signed up for a personal trainer. (Gasp!)

I opted for a once-a-week program, so that I could do my spinning and yoga (yes, they have yoga classes!) and still take advantage of the strength focused sessions they will create for me.

Now, I’ve read the NASM materials for personal training certifications, but just never took the test, so the concepts of personal training are not foreign to me and I’ve worked out with friends who wanted some free training before. But I’ve never actually had someone who I was accountable to, so I’m pretty excited. Knowing my background, the trainer even offered to share her knowledge in training with me, a sort of application of the lessons I’ve read about.

I’m confident that I’ve kicked myself free of that rut now, or am at least well on my way to leaving it behind soon.

I’ve never been so happy to wake up 5 a.m. to get to the gym. I’d say that’s a step in the right direction.

Have you broken out of a rut recently? Are you trying to now? What do you do to shake things up?

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