Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 28, 2012

Holiday Snow is the Best Snow


It snowed again while I was home in MA today, and though I once ran (well drove) as fast as I could to Florida in part to get away from the snow, there was something pretty magical about seeing the crisp white precipitation blanket everything outside.

Luckily I was not nominated to shovel the pretty stuff off the driveway and porch, so I just pulled on my fuzziest boots and heavy winter coat to make my way to the car on my way to the airport. The rest of the day I just admired the neighbors as they blasted their snow blowers down long drives and cursed at the plow trucks as they piled small mountains of heavy snow at the base of each.

I certainly appreciate how pretty the snow is, but am simultaneously happy to not have to move it anymore. Just watching the neighbors was sort of exhausting.


Another plus to this most recent storm was that it hasn’t yet impacted my flight today. Boston experienced more rain than snow, unlike my family’s house in central MA, so the airport wasn’t jaw itching up flight times. Thank goodness.

I think I’ve gotten my snow fix for the year though. Loved to see it for the holiday, but it was just enough. My family is already plotting their escape from the cold and snow and promised they’d be visiting soon.

Works for me!

Do you like the snow or do you happily do without?


  1. I’m with you, Shannon-ski!!! Looking at it from the inside out is perfect! Hope your time at home was as special as you are…miss you! See you in Florida hopefully soon. I’ll be there beginning 1/3. Happy New Year to you and Nick as you celebrate in Maryland!

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