Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 5, 2013

Do beer and brunch mix? My Sunday says yes!

Yesterday was a continuation of Tampa Bay Beer Week with a unique brunch experience – brewery style.

Nick and I had gotten tickets to an event called Eggs & Kegs at Cigar City Brewing hosted by Loko Cuisine. Since it was a pretty easy sell being a brunch at our favorite brewery, the hopes were pretty high. Besides, the menu sounded kind of awesome complete with a BEERmosa (yes, that is like a mimosa, but with beer).

We bundled up on the cool morning and headed over to the industrial park-type setting where the brewery is located in Tampa, and despite knowing the event sold out, were still surprised when we pulled up to a packed parking lot and saw groups of people walking up to the building.


We got… creative in parking and then went to the main building where they had opened one of their brewing rooms (which is basically a big warehouse garage filled with brewing vats lining the walls.


In a surprising twist, the catering company, Loko Cuisine, setup the food area in the center of the room. On a warm day, it would have been a fun and almost creative setup, but the cold temperatures made it downright uncomfortable.


Luckily Nick dashed inside the main tasting room and turned our tickets in for our beermosas and they were delicious.


After waiting in line for 20 minutes, they finally put the food out, buffet style and invited people to dig in. Juggling our beers in one hand and our paper plates in the other, we piled our plates with a pretty mouthwatering array of breakfast items.

I was so excited to have some things that I could eat (only one dish was exclusively meat) that I may have gotten a little carried away…


There were sweet corn cakes, cheesy potatoes layered with eggs, chocolate and creamy custard filled french toast, and some spiced shrimp cocktail.

Once we had loaded up, we wandered inside the tasting room with a slim hope to find an open spot among the few tables inside.


Yeah, that didn’t happen. The place was so packed we pulled up a standing spot by their merchandise corner. Luckily the food and beermosa made up for the lack of seating. Still smiling faces.


Definitely a fun experience, but not sure I’d pay $25 per person for tickets. I expect to at least get a seat and warm place to eat when (call me picky).

Perhaps it was the beer, or perhaps it was that on top of the pile of starch loaded on carbs that I consumed, but it took me the rest of the day recover from breakfast.

Was it worth it? I’m going to say yes, but I think I will do it differently next time around.

Tampa Bay Beer Week continues…


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