Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 5, 2013

Good ways to start a week: Comfort food, beer & Butter

I’ve drank more beer in the last few days than I think I have all this year so far. I know that doesn’t say much since I’m not really a big drinker, but still.

Fully embracing the week-long holiday that is Tampa Bay Beer Week, Nick and I have plans throughout the week/weekend to take advantage of various special events around town. Sunday’s beer brunch was just the beginning!

Since it was a school work night yesterday though, we opted to take it a little more low key and tried to make it to the Cigar City Brewing tasting event at the South Tampa World of Beer. Unfortunately the event, which started at 5pm (who starts an event at 5pm on a weeknight??) had already wrapped up when we got there around 7pm.

Luckily, I was okay pulling up a stool, conveniently near a portable heater (it was a bit chilly yesterday after-all and the bar is mostly open to the elements), and just relaxing at the bar. WOB’s selection is pretty impressive and I spotted the CCB beer, Evander, from Saturday that Nick had gotten and I really liked (it tastes like molasses), so I quickly ordered the bottle to share.



I nursed my selection for almost an hour while Nick sampled several of the menu highlights. It was actually pretty relaxing there watching the various sports stations and people mingling around the bar.

Perhaps Monday nights out need to become a tradition of some kind?

By the time I finished my part of the bottle, I was ready for some food so we rolled on home where I dove right in to making some favorite comfort food…


Pesto Grilled Cheese with Arugula and Tomato Salad.

Say what you will, but I used KRAFT slices, which I love in grilled cheese because it melts so well, and some leftover almond basil pesto that I made recently.


Not to too my own horn too much, but I make a killer grilled cheese. Butter in the pan, slightly pressed and cooked to golden-browned perfection, this was a real treat to end my Monday. The salad was a perfect compliment to the creamy goodness of the grilled cheese too.

I don’t do grilled cheese every week, but it’s definitely one of my favorite comfort foods.

I happily took my comfort foods and plopped down to watch a movie on my Netflix that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while – Butter.

(Image Source)

Turns out, this movie was AWESOME! It was charming, witty and even laughed a bit at itself with a pretty positive story about a foster child searching for her place in the world. I’m a Jennifer Garner fan anyways, but boy was her character unlikeable! I’ll just say – I was rooting for the stripper. See, now you have to see it to understand that comment.

Nick also enjoyed it and admitted to being somewhat skeptical when I first suggested we watch it. Win!

My other roommate was not as enthused with the movie, opting to doze through most of it, but that’s pretty much the norm. Low expectations with this one…


She’s a good snuggler so we keep her around regardless of her movie watching abilities.

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