Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 9, 2013

Datz will make any foodie’s mouth water

There’s a reason Datz in South Tampa uses the handle/hashtag #Datz4Foodies online.

Because it really is a foodie’s dreams come to life.

Granted you really need to enjoy bacon to get into their full menu, but even pescatarians like me can find something that delights the taste buds.

Since Datz is located about a mile from my apartment, it’s a favorite go-to for any meal (their Sunday brunch is the best splurge in town), but since it’s Tampa Bay Beer Week, Nick and I decided to take advantage of the SweetWater Brewing Tap Takeover on Wednesday.

We managed to get there early (around 6:30pm) so we only had a 15 minute wait for our table, but that was perfect for Nick who headed straight to the bar where SweetWater Beer was on tap and a representative was walking around talking to patrons and explaining the menu.


He actually ran through each of the different beers with me with recommendations when I told him I was a “beer newbie.” Of course, my eyes landed on the Blue as my final choice. The SweetWater rep assured me that it wasn’t too sweet and instead just had a “hint” of blueberry.

By golly, the man was right. Blue was light and smooth with a hint of blueberry and a clean finish.

Datz always gets your mouth-watering before you decide on an appetizer with a good helping of fresh popcorn. Not just your average buttered popcorn though, they spice them up…


This time around they gave us Cajun spiced popcorn that literally shot up your nose on the first bite. It’s not often you have popcorn that gives you a head rush.

After many experiences at Datz ordering waaaaayyyy too much food, I opted not to order a first course, but when Nick ordered my favorite appetizer, the truffle fries, I just couldn’t resist.


Luckily, I was able to reign in my desire to slap Nick’s fingers away and inhale the entire basket. Which is especially good since I had my work cut out for me with the bruschetta flatbread and a side salad.


I piled the salad on top of the flatbread to make a sort of salad pizza and let the pesto and balsamic from the flatbread balance out the pile of veggies. No surprise it was delicious. I still had more than half left to take home though.

Note: Bring your appetite when you go to Datz, because even the apps are delivered as a healthy portion. The entrees are downright mountainous, but they’re so good you’ll try to finish every bit of them. Don’t be afraid to admit defeat and ask for a doggie bag.


I had to fight my midweek desire for a big ol’ dessert, especially one of the giant slabs of cake, but I managed to say no.

Speaking of desserts though, I did get really excited as I peaked inside the building next door, formerly Kalupa’s Bakery, which has been under renovations since Datz took it over. The reason for my excitement was the interior, which looked remarkably different since I last laid eyes on it.

The best part was the sign…


That’s right, Datz’s Dough is coming soon.

And I am sure that if it’s anything as mouthwatering as what Datz already delivers… I will want to move in.

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