Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 13, 2013

First Visit to Newly Opened Datz Dough in South Tampa

So I’m ridiculously behind in sharing my adventures (again), but I will always keep trying!

This weekend, my goal is to relax and unwind as I’m between two crazy workweeks. Luckily the Florida weather has been cooperating quite nicely so far and the summer heat has already started to creep in, bringing with it the desire to be lazy by a pool somewhere.


I haven’t made it to a pool yet, but I did make it over to the newly opened Datz Dough (@DatzDough) in South Tampa off MacDill, for a mid-afternoon treat with Nick.

I’ve been watching out for this place to open for months, ever since Datz first teased a photo of their plans to expand into the building next door (formerly Kalupa’s bakery) on Twitter (@Datz4Foodies). I mean anything that promised more of a focus on the baked goods of Datz was bound to be right up my alley.

They have a great Tumblr that is always packed with mouthwatering photos and videos of hand dipped doughnuts and homemade breads that make you want to lick your computer/phone’s screen (I haven’t actually done that recently though).


I had some pretty high expectations on my first visit today, knowing how much I love the Datz desserts, and I’m very excited to say that Datz Dough did not disappoint. Not only is it inviting with it’s blackboard-bordered open front door, already telling you what types of treats you can find that day, but the minute you walk in your faced with a spread of sweet and savory creations…


From macaroons and William Dean chocolates of every flavor and color, to doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies and quiches and breads, you’ll find a handful of delights that will tempt you.


To your left a large blackboard includes specials for the day including coffee creations like today’s Nutella Latte.


Do I even need to tell you how I feel about Nutella? Do you really need to guess whether I ordered this immediately?


Nick and I were so torn over what to share (like Datz, the portions are generous, to say the least) and after much debate over a Trix covered dipped doughnut, the gooey lemon bar or a decadent Chocolate Hazelnut brownie, we opted to stick with our chocolate and hazelnut theme.


We opted to eat there and enjoy the atmosphere and fun decor, which includes bright purple banquettes and striped walls with gold fleu de lis, all beneath a ceiling mural of a colorful sky, disturbed here and there by ornate hanging chandeliers.


We plopped ourselves at a small table adorned with a small vase of brightly colored green and purple flowers and enjoyed our afternoon snacks as we watched groups of customers come and go. The brownie didn’t last long, but the jazzy music encouraged us to linger a bit and relax so we ended up hanging out for a while to watch the goings-on.

Tonight we have a concert at downtown St. Petersburg’s live music venue, Jannus Live, and hopefully will be enjoying the sounds of Umphrey’s McGee to close out the night.

I doubt anything will top that brownie today though. That baby was magic.





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