Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 8, 2013

A Happy Fourth of July Getaway

Fourth of July is my favorite part of summer. The sunshine, friends, family, fireworks, and food make it one of those all round fun holidays where you can relax and enjoy the sites and festivities.


This year, Nick and I took a long weekend vacation to Massachusetts to visit with my family and friends and to celebrate the 4th as it’s meant to be (Florida doesn’t make as big of a deal of this holiday as New Englanders).

This was an important trip for me for a couple reasons.

First, I got to celebrate one of my best friend’s (honestly, she’s more like my sister) daughter’s 2nd birthday. I was in Florida and missed her daughter’s birth a couple year’s ago and then wasn’t able to come home last year for it either, so this was a big deal for me.

Secondly, my parents have just sold our family home in Massachusetts as they wrap up things there and prepare for retirement/semi-retirement. It’s a beautiful home that they’ve put so much time and energy into and I loved my time there (though I only lived there full time during my first couple year’s in college). I’m sad to see this home-base of sorts go, but the exciting thing is… my mom and Dennis are moving to Tampa Bay! They’re still figuring out exactly where, but I am so excited that they’ll be less than a 3-hour plane ride away in just a couple months!

Here’s a recap in photos of what went down during our three day visit…

You can’t have a holiday without a fire…


Visiting one of my favorite parks in central Mass, Coggshall Park…



Doesn’t that stone table look likes something out of Narnia?

Trip to Newburyport, MA (my favorite town in New England)…



Nick had a bit of fun tasting the local beers…


Tasting the local flavors in Newburyport…



A run on the Nashua River Rail Trail and enjoying the sites…


Post-run pick-me-up…


Some delicious vegetarian/paleo appetizers my mom and I made up for a family get-together…


Giant brownie sundae from Kimball’s in Lancaster – it was sooooo delicious, but my Mom and I had to split it.

Such a fun long weekend with more great things in the future.

It’s hard to believe the year is more than half way over, but I always looking forward to the second half of the year for all the special holidays (my birthday included) and happenings.

Are YOU excited for the second half of the year?


  1. I am SUPER excited for the second half of the year when you and your Mom will come to our “City by the Bay” for a visit at which time we will celebrate your BIG #$ birthday! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics of your 4th holiday from my former hometown in Massachusetts! Love You!

    • That makes two of us! September is going to be so much fun. You only turn 30 once, so I’m glad our girls trip will part of the celebration!

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