Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 20, 2013

My Path to Becoming a Google Glass Explorer

So you may have heard about these things called Google Glass.

Tech-nerds had been whispering about this hands-free headset that could be operated by voice command, display visuals seemingly like magic in front of a user’s eyes and take perspective-based video/pictures with a simple tap to the side of the head for ages. Google’s crafty staff engineers and tech experts made it happen and earlier this year made an exciting announcement that yours truly took advantage of.

Google announced they were going to give a certain group of people early access, as beta testers of sorts, to the product they had dubbed Google Glass. They set up Project Glass (now renamed as Google Glass) and asked anyone interested in becoming one of their Google Glass Explorers to submit why they wanted the latest piece of tech.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.49.39 AM

Of course, I was all over that. I encouraged my coworkers to submit and made sure I placed my entry on Twitter before the deadline.

I didn’t really think I had a chance. I’m an early adopter type, gadget-loving geek for sure, but why would they choose me when they had doctors saying they’d use it to broadcast live surgeries, and sports stars promising to show fans the sport through their eyes.

Then, more than a month or two after the Project Glass submission period ended, I got a tweet out of the blue…

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.46.13 AM

I screamed. Literally. I felt the excitement rush to my head and out my mouth as an “Oh my gosh!” before I could stop it. I clicked through to make sure the tweet user was legit and sure enough, others were receiving messages with the same notice that we had been selected as Explorers and that we’d be sent further instructions soon.

While it was amazing to see that little nod of congratulations, I still knew it was a long shot due to the financial investment required as well as the travel since I had to fly to NYC to pick the Glass up from Google’s offices.

Months went by.

I figured they made a mistake. They must have messaged me by mistake. I knew it had been too good to be true.

By June, I had given up and dismissed it as an exciting moment just to have gotten that tweet. I was barely watching my Twitter stream for anything when Google Glass popped up with a DM saying my Google Glass were ready for pick up and I had 30 days to purchase and schedule my pick-up appointment.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.46.50 AM

Holy goodness.

It wasn’t a mistake, they were really give me the chance to be an early adopter of one of the most buzzed about tech items since the first iPhone.

What the heck? I went to my boss and pitched the Glass as an amazing opportunity for the department and asked if I had their support. They were just as excited as me and gave me the go-ahead. I was stunned. Granted I knew every other business who had even heard of Google Glass would have fought for the chance to buy the little piece of hardware, just to get a look at what could be a new wave of wearable tech, but I was still pleasantly surprised.

And that is how I find myself NYC-bound today, on the next steps in becoming a Google Glass Explorer.

I’ve already had to overcome some slight obstacles. My initial flight was delayed more than three hours and caused me to have to reach out to Google Glass support for their help in rescheduling my appointment. I had to rearrange my flights, almost had to reschedule the entire trip. As of now, I’m still hoping to be wearing my new Glass a plane home later tonight.

Here we go…


  1. FabulousO!!!!!! Love u!

  2. Thanks! Wait til you see this bad boy. I’m thinking about naming it…

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