Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 21, 2013

I got my Google Glass!

It’s official, I am the proud owner of my very own Google Glass!

Getting them was an adventure, but mostly because my flights to NYC were all kind of messed up yesterday. My first flight was more than 5 hours delayed (thank you JetBlue) so I ended up having to change my pick-up time with the Google Glass office 3 or 4 times. I literally took the last appointment!

It wasn’t just them shipping the gadget to you with a list of instructions. Oh no, it was a complete experience. Honestly, I think going to NYC to the Google Glass office (yes, they have their own floor/office) in Chelsea Market was part of the whole experience and made it extra special.


First off, I didn’t realize how much I missed NYC and being in a real city. Tampa has come a long way, but it’s still nothing compared to northern cities where every building is historical and walking amidst the skyscrapers makes you forget the world outside of the city.

I was totally jealous of the super sweet bicycle program that NYC has…


These are the bikes that you ride from one station location to another and pay a usage fee for (I think it’s like 20 minutes or something).

I went straight from the airport to the Google Office in Chelsea Market, so I didn’t have any time to sightsee. I went right into the Chelsea Market off 9th Ave and took the elevator upstairs. I knew I was in the right place as soon as I stepped off the elevator because it just felt like I imagined a Google office would – all white walls, modern decor (they had the coolest side table in their reception area made out of cork!) and open spaces.

The reception folks were super nice, despite one of the guys being there purely as “security,” and gave me my official Google Glass guest badge once I showed them my ID and checked-in.


Every one of the staff at the offices were wearing Google Glass, which looked completely normal with their stylishly casual clothes and fresh young faces. I felt like I was in casting call for a Google commercial.

A few minutes after I sat down in the reception area, a young woman named Lauren walked up to me and introduced herself as my Glass Guide.


After a bit of introductions, Lauren took me into the main area of the offices which was basically an open loft with high ceilings, large windows, and little vanity stand stations spaced out around the room where other Glass Explorers were meeting with their Guides. It actually felt like I was at a posh SOHO hair salon and  just waited for someone to break out the styling tools and hairspray.

The first step though, did not involve a hair wash, but rather to confirm my Glass color choice, which was tangerine. There were a few shades of grey, a sky blue and a white set as well. I was totally feeling the tangerine still though, so Lauren confirmed the choice with another employee who whisked off to fetch my “box.”

We then sat down at one of the vanity stations, complete with giant mirror, and the receptionist who checked me popped up and offered me “water, tea, soda, beer, wine, champagne…” – she could have had more to offer, but I stopped her at the champagne. While she went off to get my drink, my box was delivered and was deposited in front of me. Lauren just smiled and gestured I do the honors.

I lifted off the lid, peeled back the semi-transparent velum paper that covered the top and there they were…

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.01.37 PM

It was sort of like opening an expensive box of jewelry.

My tall flute of champagne arrived right on time to toast to my new Glass and it was accompanied a chilled chocolate covered strawberry, the girl saying “you deserve it after the day you’ve had,” (since I had to explain when I checked in about the crazy plane delay I endured).


The rest of the appointment was Lauren walking me through the “fitting” where she basically showed me how to adjust the titanium headset and situate it so I could see the display correctly, then reviewing all the features. There are some features that interact with your phone (the Glass are basically a Bluetooth headset), others that you set up on your My Glass account website, and then a variety of actions you can do with the Glass alone (voice commands and touch motions).

There is this one platform in front of the floor to ceiling windows on one end of their offices that they bring all Glass Explorers to in order for them to take their first video and photo. Here’s my first #throughglass photo:


It’s so simple to execute a photo and video, I can tell I’ll be using these features a lot. Plus you can share them instantly with your Google+, Twitter or Facebook peeps! Friends beware…

After about an hour, I ran out of questions to ask so Lauren repackaged my Glass and bagged up my Glass accessories (storage bag, two lenses, and charger). I thanked everyone on my way out, politely refusing to “wear the Glass out” (which a lot of other people did). Instead I took my sleek Glass bag filled with goodies and hopped right in a cab a block over.

Though I was SUPER tempted to walk down a block from Chelsea Market to see the legendary SOHO House (made extra famous to ladies everywhere by “Sex In The City”), I figured to play it safe and return with a couple hours to spare before my 10pm flight.

I really lucked out with my cabbies. They were both very nice, not extremely chatty, but friendly enough to ask how my flights/stay was and inquire as to my reason for the visit. They both seemed to think I was a bit crazy to have only been in town for 4 hours, but as soon as I said “it was work,” were more accepting.

Of course, my flight was delayed three hours… again, so I didn’t get on the plane until 1 a.m. and my head didn’t hit the pillow until 4 a.m., but I got my Glass, and that was the whole point of my day.

Now I just can’t wait to play with them!

What should I do first?

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