Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 19, 2013

Shedding Some Light on CrossFit Workouts

So far this month, I’ve done pretty good at getting back into a regular workout routine and getting in at least four workouts a week. I’ve been keeping it interesting with a combination of HIIT workouts, running, spinning and Crossfit. It is the latter that I wanted to shed some light on today.

I joined the world of CrossFit-lovers a few months ago.

Actually it was through a Groupon that I was able to signup for three months of unlimited classes at Tampa CrossFit box, CrossFit Malicious (name sounds scarier than it is).


Nick and I had both been super interested in trying out the fitness trend that seemed to be popping everywhere. In fact, Nick had previously done CrossFit workouts and really liked them, so I was even more interested to give them a try.

Since I know a lot of other people are interested in CrossFit, or perhaps also just starting it, I figured I’d write-up the lessons and important findings I’ve discovered about CrossFit so far…

  • It’s not as scary as you think – Sure you see these super pumped up people competing on TV, but that is not the normal CrossFitter. It is an intense workout, but the trainers at any good Box will guide you through every move and offer up suggestions on how to modify it to your current fitness level.
  • You don’t have to use crazy heavy weight – I have arm/shoulder condition that limits the amount of heavy weight I can use for anything pertaining to lifting a barbell over my head. I don’t get crap for it, the trainers encourage me to push to only what is challenging, but safe for me personally.
  • Everyone is NOT watching and judging you – On the contrary, many of the other people at a CrossFit box are very helpful and will only jump in if you ask them to watch your form or spot you. In fact, the competition aspect is mostly people competing with themselves, working towards a personal best, not trying to beat the weight/time of someone next to them.
  • Form is everything – It’s so much more important to do an exercise in CrossFit with proper form than almost any other sport/exercise I’ve done. Form saves you time and time again from injury and keeps you from overdoing it.
  • You can ALWAYS ask questions – I ask the trainers and other Crossfitters questions about exercises, weight and form all the time. Sure, I may be annoying, but I have a lot to learn and staying quiet will only keep me insecure and doubting myself.
  • You DO need to push yourself – I’m not talking about going beyond your abilities, but rather that you need to give your body the chance to prove it can do more. Take the fear out of it and try adding that extra 5 lbs. or go for that extra rep even when you think “I can’t” (see next lesson).
  • Don’t say “I can’t” at a CrossFit box – Don’t say it out loud (especially if your box has a rule against it like mine does), but avoid letting those words enter your head as well. They’ll hold you back from achieving new breakthroughs almost every time. Instead know what you’re able to do and focus on what you can do. If you have an injury, for example, focus on the parts of your workout you can do, make modifications and push forward.

CrossFit is really a community all unto itself and members of the same box frequently cheer each other on even outside of the workouts, joining in on BBQs, get together and other activities. It’s a great support community for someone new or experienced, you just have to prove you want to be a part of it by showing up and trying your hardest.

I have to admit, there are times when it’s been a couple weeks between visits, when I get a little anxious on my way to CrossFit, mostly because I’m thinking about how much I’ve probably missed or I’m wondering how much I’ve forgotten. Miraculously though, I remember things pretty quickly once the warmup begins and then all my focus is on the workout.

Though I read a lot of blogs and updates from folks that go to CrossFit 4-5 times per week religiously, I’ve found that it fits better into my workout routine once or twice a week. It’s enough to challenge me, but it allows me to keep up with other interests. Most importantly, I can usually only make it to two scheduled classes of any kind a week, so I try to make sure CrossFit is at least one of those.

Have you tried a CrossFit workout or membership? Is it something that interests you?

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