Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 9, 2013

Meet our newest family member…

Say hello to the newest member of our little family…



You may have seen previous pictures of my other fuzzy roommate, Elektra…


But, now she has a sibling!

I’ve actually wanted to get a dog for years, but swore I wouldn’t get one until I could make sure the dog would be well taken care of. My schedule gets a bit crazy and I can’t always get home at the same time and as frequently as needed everyday, so I somewhat impatiently waited until the conditions were right.

Soon after Nick and I moved in together, we both started talking about getting a dog at some point, but it was until September when we seriously started talking about what we wanted in a dog, whether we wanted to buy or adopt and when might be a good time to start actively looking.

We both decided we wanted a medium to medium-small sized dog since we don’t have space for a big dog. Getting a dog that was going to be able to keep up with our active lifestyles was also super important. Both of us agreed that no matter what, the dog would need to be friendly with people and other animals (especially since it would be cohabitating with a cat right off the bat).

Adopting was an easy decision since both of us agreed that we wanted to give a good home to one of the many animals in shelters. So we hit the internet to search local shelters and adoption finder sites.

That is how we found Jasmine (previously known as Clarissa). directed us to the Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay who was fostering Jasmine.

First off, I have to say how great this rescue was to work with through the adoption process. They actually offered us a trial period with Jasmine to make sure that we all fit together, which was a real luxury since we didn’t already have a dog and had to adjust to the schedule and routine dogs demand.

Of course, after our two-week trial, we knew we couldn’t give her up (actually, I kind of thought this a few days in). Her sweet personality totally had us hooked. The way she was so easy-going around people of ages and dogs of all sizes made us love her even more.

Her cute little face… well how could you not love that face?


And her energetic attitude that inspired us to be even more active, all fit with what we had hoped for.

I can’t say that Elektra was thrilled with her new roomie. In fact, even after almost a month together, they seem to have more of a love-hate relationship and spend most of their time together in epic face-off battles…


We have finally fallen into a bit of a routine (it took a while) though, and have learned what works for us all of us. For example, we’ve learned that taking Jaz (her new nickname) for a walk/run everyday is the only way to get her to sit still for any amount of time.

She’s downright chill, after a run…


And THIS actually happened over the past weekend, which was a downright MIRACLE…


Occupying the same space without chasing each other is new. The sunshine lulls both of them into relaxation mode.

Jaz will be a fun new part of our family and even though we still need to do some training, she’s got the important stuff down. It’s been fun seeing her personality shine through as she’s gotten more comfortable and settled in too. Like, she is happy to sit in your lap if you let her, which is somewhat challenging since she’s 38 pounds! She just likes being close to us.

I’m excited to get to know her better and am also looking forward to doing some training classes together. She’s a smart cookie and I think we’ll be even better off when we can understand each other better.

Any tips for a new dog owner?

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