Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 11, 2013

New Holiday Tradition & Datz Dough Visit

One of my favorite bloggers, Carrots ‘N’ Cake initiated a new tradition in her household last year that I knew was right up my alley – 24 Days of Togetherness .

Basically it was a Bucket List for the days leading up to Christmas that she and her husband (and dog) could do together. Almost like an advent calendar (minus the religious tie-in) of treats that you created and then drew at random each day.

Since I’m pretty much part Christmas Elf, I made a mental note of bringing up the idea to Nick to see if we could do something similar this year. Well, once I explained the idea and assured him that the daily activities could be small (so as not to tap our already fixed holiday budget), he jumped on board!

We came up with about 22 ideas for activities that we wanted to do between Dec 1st and Christmas on our way home from Thanksgiving, which turned out to be a great way to pass the 2.5 hour drive from Vero Beach.

I wrote each item down on slips of paper, folded them up and tossed them into a box for us to draw each day, intending to bring a little bit extra holiday joy to each day of this festive month.


Well, it is now halfway into December and I’m just writing about this, so you can probably guess that we didn’t get started with this on time. I went out of town for work the first two days of the month, then Nick had to go home for an urgent visit for several days. It wasn’t until he got home the other night that we committed ourselves to getting this new holiday tradition started.

So I guess instead of 24 Days, we’re starting off with a more modest 12 Days of Festiveness (I renamed it to personal our tradition a bit).

Nick had the honor of drawing the first day’s activity and he picked…


Yes, that is right my friends, we had an excuse to go back to Dough!

Now, I wrote about a my first visit to Dough earlier this year, and I have visited numerous times since as it is one of my top-Tampa-sites-to-visit when friends and family come to town. However, I saw a month or so ago that they actually added a new Bistro Menu to their already mouthwatering list of decadent offerings and have been wanting to just check out what exactly that entailed.


While our Days of Festiveness activity was just to get a treat from Dough, Nick and I both decided to splurge and just try the Bistro Menu.

I am SO GLAD we did. For just over $30, we got one appetizer, two entrees and two desserts that were all pretty awesome.

The service was also exceptional. In fact, a possible snag that I had with a gift card turned into an amazing opportunity for stellar customer service that they completely delivered on, and which left both and I even more in love with the place than before.


We opted to take everything home to eat (you can eat there as well), though Nick tried one of the craft beers they offered while we waited…


And we were so excited to dive into everything once we got home…



The appetizer we shared was the Duck Fat Fries, which I would usually steer clear of because of the duck fat the baked potato wedges are fried in, but I really just couldn’t resist. Oh. My. Gosh. They were INCREDIBLE. Super crispy on the outside, but creamy soft on the inside and served with a confit roasted garlic aioli (aka there was a huge clove of roasted garlic in my aioli), they literally transported me to a place of pure bliss.

Nick then ordered the Chicken Garden Baguette which was made with roasted chicken breast a garlic aioli, tomato and spinach. It was actually incredibly moist, so much so that Nick couldn’t help but making a tiny bit of a mess eating it.


For my selection, I chose the Fields of Salmon. The salmon filet was nothing too impressive by itself (it was likely a farm raised, previously frozen piece of fish), but the lavender honey glaze that crisped up the fish’s outside was delicious and became sort of a broth-like sauce. Some very lightly steamed spinach accompanied the fish to to round out the dish.

The desserts meanwhile… well, they were amazing as usual. Nick went with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie and I chose…


The Red Velvet Brownie. And yes, it is exactly as good as it sounds.

All in all, it was a great way to kick-off our new holiday tradition of 12 Days of Festiveness. I can’t wait to see what is up next…

Are you starting any new holiday traditions this year?

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