Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 16, 2013

Weekend in pictures: SNOW and good food

This weekend was full with part work, part fun, but even my work event was pretty awesome.

We helped make it snow in Tampa!



It wasn’t quite like the snow you get up north in New England (for good reason), but it was pretty awesome to be in flip flops and t-shirts and playing with snow. We accessorized accordingly though…




My coworker and I celebrated a successful event Saturday evening with some post-event drinks at Taps in downtown Tampa. They tasted extra delicious after a long afternoon (plus, my toes got to thaw out).


Sunday, meanwhile, was a catchup day since I worked Saturday. I did actually get a workout in, but followed it up with a decadent breakfast at Piquant (one of my faves since trying it back in March  in Hyde Park Village…


Despite just working my butt off in spinning to burn off a bunch of calories, this gingerbread latte was calling my name. So yummy.


Nick and I did also take the dog to the Davis Island Dog Beach, which was interesting. It was Jaz’s first time dealing with water… and she didn’t quite know what to do with it. She spent most of her time in it trying to bite it.

I didn’t get any pictures though, since I was dodging other wet dogs and watching Jaz do laps.

Turns out a wet dog is not any easier to catch or take pictures of.

How was your weekend?

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