Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas! It was a wonderful day…

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

I hosted my parents and stepbrother at my apartment this year, which was a first in many ways:

  1. First time I’ve spent Christmas in Florida – I usually go home to MA.
  2. First time Christmas with Nick & I living together.
  3. First time I’ve hosted people for Christmas at my own place.

It was a wonderful day, especially after a very busy Christmas Eve Day, which despite having it off of work was incredibly busy and had me going non-stop from 7am-11pm.

It was all worth it for Christmas Day though. Nick and I started our day off with a morning walk to Hyde Park Village with the dog, in an attempt to tire her out before everyone else arrived (it didn’t really work, but we tried). We did help someone who fell of his skateboard on our walk, which was totally random and left us both sort of shocked we witnessed that… but we also got some priceless snaps of Jaz in the sleigh in the square.


Once we got back from our walk/adventure, we welcomed everybody in to relax in our living room, complete with a faux fireplace blazing on our TV.

Cozy_Fire(Did you know there is a hour long video for this on Netflix? It’s awesome!)

Even the cat came out and joined in on the fun when it came time to open the stockings. She got some fun new toys, including a laser pointer that drives her bonkers.


The dog also picked up some new chew toys, but she was just as interested in the people and the cat.

It was fun having everyone together under our roof though. It was quite cozy!


I think I was just as excited to see everyone else open up the gifts I got for them, as I was unwrapping my own gifts.

OpeningGiftsI absolutely loved the things I got. I immediately ate/used some of my smaller gifts, but these were the big ones…


I was in desperate need of a new wallet, as I’ve had my favorite Loui wallet since college (it held up really well) and it was looking downright ragged. But, I may have been just as excited for the headphones once I plugged them in and felt like I had been transported to my very own private listening stage. They’re amazing.


My new running shoes were something my mom had me pick out and get a custom fitting for, but I haven’t been able to run with my old shoes, so these were so very appreciated. And they’re sssooooo pretty!

Overall, we didn’t eat that bad until dessert time…


How can you say no to coconut covered red velvet cake pops and shortbread cookies covered in powdered sugar? I think we all went a little bit crazy.

We watched some classic Christmas movies together before calling it a day, but oh what a great day!

Hop you had a very Merry Christmas too!

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