Shannon’s Story


My entire life, one of the first identifying factors people associated with me was blonde (though I’m technically a strawberry blonde). I was frequently mistaken and stereotyped. My shyness was mistaken for being dumb, my easy going happy attitude was mistaken for flightiness or being “a ditz”, and as I got older my appearance frequently caused people to think I was a bimbo (the fact I was a cheerleader in high school didn’t help that). Growing up, amidst all the usual insecurities a young woman in American culture is subjected to, I took people’s perception of me very seriously and was always somewhat insulted by the fact that so many people judged me so wrong.

Luckily it instilled a strong desire to prove myself in many situations. I worked hard to overcome the mistaken conclusions people made about me and frequently shocked people when they learned that I was an honors student straight through college, worked in the retail and restaurant industries to pay my way through school, enjoy working out and eating healthy because I like how it makes me feel , and that I’m a gadget-loving, book worm who likes being outdoors and frequently saves the spiders and creepy-crawlers that wander into her office or house.

I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where I’m comfortable with myself and have made peace with the various ways people see me. I know who I am and what I’m capable of and I make no apologies. Like almost everyone, I’ve been through ups and downs in my life journey thus far – breakups, losses, difficult jobs, moves and health obstacles – but I’ve also experienced some incredible things – loves, new friends, wonderful jobs, great homes, new places and healthy achievements. I choose to see the Silver Lining in things and want to share those things that make me happy with YOU!

Whether it be exercise insight (I’ve had a love-affair with working out since high school), food (which has always made me happy, but has also presented me with challenges), new places I visit or new things I try – I’ll share a bit of this Blonde’s Silver Lining and hope that you’ll tell me what you think. Never hesitate to comment or pose a question… I don’t bite.


  1. please contact us for an event invitation.

  2. Thanks for the positivity!

  3. cool picxxs

  4. cool picxxs

  5. I love your story. You’ve always been a friend that’s inspired me and who I’ve looked up to. Can’t wait to read more from you and about your life journey.

    • Thanks girl! I am loving your posts and can’t wait to see where these blogs take both of us!

  6. You have ALWAYS been a bright light in my eyes and continue to be! Absolutely LOVE our time together, love what you are doing here to engage so many and LOVE YOU! Jane

  7. Love your story, Love your writing style too. Go girl! Looking forward to more “Silver LInings”!! Anne

  8. I can totally relate to this! I’m very intelligent. But just like you, people mistake my bubbly but very shy personality as a blonde bimbo. And I’m not even blonde. My hair is black! lol Thanks for the great blog. Now I don’t feel so alone in this.

    • I’ve learned to use my bubbly personality to sort of take people by surprise now. It’s almost fun to see people’s faces just drop when they hear an intelligent sentence come out of my mouth, especially when it relates to business. They just never see it coming! Rock on to those of us who get to have fun with stereotypes!

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